New Gaudi

Model 1050 / Date 1970 + 2007 Re-Design / Vico Magistretti


We are honored to introduce yet another masterpiece: Vico Magistretti’s last chair, the New Gaudi.

Over the years we had many conversations with Vico. He was a friend and an inspiration. He worked on some wonderful furniture for us. For years he had wanted to modify the original Gaudi Chair – designed in 1970 and produced for three years – in order to take advantage of new materials and advanced technologies which could make the chair lighter, stronger, and stackable.

The New Gaudi is the fulfillment of his dream and a superb example of the way he imparted beauty and dignity to a modern material. Produced with advanced injection moulding, the new design is slim, re ned, and comfortable. The New Gaudi is perfect for use indoors and out.


Height: 75cm – 29 1/2″
Width: 59cm – 23 1/4″
Depth: 57,5cm – 22 5/8″
Pack: 4/carton per color

One piece injection molded polymer.


  • White
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey